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Discover how you can harness the power of SMS messaging and significantly grow your business

Sending SMS messages in bulk is an excellent way to increase awareness of your brand as well as streamline your communications strategy. It can also play a major part in your customers' overall experience with your business. 

Flood IT Support can help you discover the best online SMS messaging platform in the country. Not only is it extremely reliable, it is also totally scalable to meet your needs. Do you need to send high volumes? Not a problem, we have a custom API gateway to handle that.

Flood IT Support will advise you on the best ways to utilise SMS messaging communications for your particular business needs. You can either use the self-service options available or integrate our API to achieve a more seamless experience.
SMS as a marketing channel can boast an impressive 98% open rate. Bulk messaging can be used for delivery notifications, vouchers, surveys and many other uses. As the messages are sent directly to the customers phone, they are unlikely to not get the message.
It doesn't matter if you are a new or established business, you can use SMS messaging to achieve higher customer satisfaction levels.
So the question now is how will you use it?
Need help with your I.T.?

Industry leading SMS messaging platform for business communication

Instant, targeted communication

More than 90% of text messages are opened and read within three minutes, with an average response rate of 32%.

SMS can be personalised

Mail merge customer details into messages, tailor promotions and create personalised rewards.

Improved customer experience

Respect your customer’s time and keep them in the loop about an order, delivery or discount with well-timed text messages.

Effective low-cost marketing

With our price match guarantee and the proven open rates of SMS marketing, you can achieve a strong return on investment.

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