Tablets and Mobile Phone Repairs

Mobile Phones are your communication centres, we all carry around ever more expensive devices that are capable of great things. These are always in the firing line for being the more common device that ends up with damage. Don’t worry we offer repairs on Mobile Phones and Tablets. See below for more information.



Tablets and phones are often dropped or other things dropped on them, sadly this usually causes the biggest part of the device to take the hit and break. The glass may just be broken/cracked or even the LCD panel has broken entirely. Now, this might seem like the end of the line for your device but don’t despair. Screens can be replaced, and normally on the same day. iPhone screens are something that we hold in stock and will be able to offer the repair the same day in most cases.


Charging Ports

This is another common part that fails. Tablets are normally charged up multiple times each day, and used often whilst plugged in, which causes a lot of wear and tear on the charging port. Very frustrating it can be when the charger doesn’t work, or you have to apply pressure in a certain way to make it charge. We can replace this for you, be sure to give the model number so that we can order the correct part for you.



With the battery being used all the time the device is on, and charged multiple times each day, the battery capacity will decline. The battery may not hold as much charge as it once did when new, or it might not hold any charge at all. Batteries are a part that also can be replaced. Please give the model number when ordering to ensure the correct part is ordered.

We are pleased to say that our parts are sourced via OEM providers, ensuring that the parts we use are of the same quality as the original. Your existing warranty will remain intact. This is reflected in our pricing but we understand the importance of your mobile devices and this is the reason we use the best parts available.

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Tablet and mobile repairs in Heywood and surrounding areas.