Laptop Repairs


Mobile devices take a lot of knocks and bangs. They have a tough life being taken in/out bags, transported, taken to work, picked up, put down, taken on the bus, thrown in the boot of the car, they endure a whole host of everyday hazards and its only expected that these devices will at some point, unless they are protected by bulletproof casing, break. Let us worry about the damage and it will be repaired and in working order quicker than you know and for less than you might expect. Listed below are some of the common failures/breakages to laptops that we fix. This is not an exhaustive list, if your fault isn’t listed please contact us and we will tailor a repair to your needs.


If your laptop screen has been broken, which is common damage to laptops, we can replace the panel (screen) for less than you may imagine (prices vary depending on device).

Hard Drives

Other common failures are HDD (hard disk drives), this can be quite a big problem and will almost certainly stop your device from starting up. Again we can replace drives for far less than the shops can. A complete reinstallation of the operating system is included with this, including drivers for any peripheral devices you have. Data recovery can be included in this repair, depending on how extensive the damage to the HDD. Upgrade options available to help boost the speed of your laptop whilst we carry out this repair. Ask one of our technicians about upgrades.


Batteries can fail and not hold any charge, or very little that the laptop requires plugging in constantly while in use. Optimisation of the operating system is included with this, so you’ll maximise the run time of your new batteries. We can source new batteries and replace these for you.

Power Packs / Charging Problems*

Is your power pack not working as it should, have to wiggle the wire or hold it in a particular way. Troubleshooting whether this is the laptop charging port or power pack can be difficult to do. Replacement power packs and new charging ports can be installed for you. If the charging port on the laptop needs replacing this is a lab environment job and will require the device to be taken to our computer laboratory.



Another common point of failure on laptops. If the keyboard isn’t working correctly (keys not working) or isn’t working at all. We can offer a replacement keyboard for your laptop. Prices vary depending on laptop model, please use the contact us form and include model details, so that we can get an accurate price for you.

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Laptop repairs in Heywood and surrounding areas.