Computer Repairs

Computers are often overlooked, expected to work continuously like the other appliances in your home, and for the most part, they are reliable in their job, but they do fail. System updates may cause corruption to system files, HDDs may fail or even bearings in fans may give up, the list is endless. Below we have listed some of the computer repairs that are common to us, if your error/fault isn’t listed please contact us to discuss your needs.

Hardware Faults


Faults with the display. Has a recent update or new part caused a fault with the display? We have an extensive troubleshooting toolkit to diagnose these faults and expect to have the fault repaired on-site the same day.

Hard Drives

Other common failures are HDD (hard disk drives), this can be quite a big problem and will almost certainly stop your device from starting up. Again we can replace drives for far less than the shops can. A complete reinstallation of the operating system is included with this, including drivers for any peripheral devices you have. Data recovery can be included in this repair, depending on how extensive the damage to the HDD. Upgrade options available to help boost the speed of your computer whilst we carry out this repair. Ask one of our technicians about upgrades.


Power Supply Units

PSUs, are often a part overlooked when problems occur with computers, but a lot of the time they are the root cause of a lot of other failures. Power supply units are there to power your computer up, but that’s not its only job. Their job is quite intricate, powering up the system is its main purpose but regulating the voltage and protecting system parts from shock are another. Faults such as intermittent HDD failure, system crashes, and overheating are common side effects of a faulty power supply.


Keyboards / Mice

These peripheral devices are what we use to control our computers, if you’re having faults with them, it can be quite frustrating. Whether the mouse isn’t going where you want, or the keyboard isn’t working correctly. Let us diagnose these faults for you and get this annoyance under control.

Software Faults

We cover all types of software problems and will be able to get your computer repair complete the same day. Corrupted installations can cause an endless amount of trouble. Virus or malware infections also can be very destructive to your computer system. we cover all software faults. Take advantage of our hassle-free service, we are mobile technicians and will come to you at a time that is convenient.

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